Friday, October 16, 2009

Putting On Weight Like a Hibernating Bear?

It is natural for us to put on a few extra pounds every winter...and if you are one of the lucky ones who drops it every spring then there isn't a lot to worry about. After all, a couple of pounds won't hurt your health much and just might help keep you a bit warmer.

However, if you are like me and the weight only seems to move automatically in one direction, that is ON, then you have to really be aware of what is happening. Otherwise every year you just get a bit fatter and fatter. And because "a couple of pounds" is easy to ignore, it is quite possible to let the weight creep up to an unhealthy level in a few years.

If you aren't going into hibernation then there is no need to pack on extra what can we do about it? I used to think it was inevitable that I gained **ahem** a "few" pounds every winter. I had to work on changing that thought process. With a new mindset I have been able to conquer that demon on my way to weight loss success!

The best thing is to start being aware NOW before the really cold weather sets in and the holidays are upon us. Make a plan today so that you are ready to tackle all the tricks and treats that are heading our, way.

Because temperatures are warmer we tend to want to eat more to keep our body's furnace going. Rather than eating MORE, eat smaller amounts but MORE OFTEN. By eating 5 or 6 small meals every day you actually burn more calories than if you eat the same amount of food in 3 (or fewer) sittings.

It is especially important that we eat breakfast in the cooler months so that we get those furnaces started in the morning. Then with our mini-meals we keep the furnace stoked all day long.

Foods that are high in fat and sugar are readily available this time of year, but they are not giving us the nutrients we need to keep our bodies healthy and they pack in a lot of calories.

Being conscious about our eating will allow us to enjoy a special treat once in a while but keep us on track to eat mostly healthy foods. When you do partake in a treat, whether it be the Halloween candy, Thanksgiving pie or Christmas cookies, give yourself permission to have a serving. Put it on a plate or in a bowl. And then really pay attention to the food and enjoy the flavors and textures.

For more holiday eating tips, refer to past posts about planning for the holidays and losing weight during the holidays (see the blog labels in the right hand column as a reference.)

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