Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Weight Loss Success Despite Jay Leno Barbs

Dec. 20, 2008 I wrote about a Loveland, Colorado woman who was publicly humiliated by Jay Leno...she had lost 75 pounds and was featured in a fitness ad. Jay showed the ad on his show and quipped that it looked like she had changed her shirt, not lost weight. Later Jay did apologize, but it really pointed out the insensitivity people have to those of us who have struggled with or are currently struggling with our weight.

Well, Susan Bock of Loveland, Colorado has now lost 150 pounds! She recently won an award from Anytime Fitness, the gym that she joined as their "Anytime Fitness member Success STory 2009". This is not a local award...which would have been great by itself...Susan was one of 4 members honored nationally...out of hundreds nominated around the country!

It is so fantastic that she did not allow the experience with Jay to stop her...instead she kept moving forward towards "the life I want to live"

This is a great attitude that is so essential for all of us to adopt. Rather than trying to please others or relying on feedback from other people or even trying to lose weight for other people...we must do it for ourselves. It has to be because we want health, we want the energy, we want to be able to do more and be our authentic, best selves. That is the secret to sticking with it and dropping significant amounts of weight and keeping it off.

Oh, and as an extra reward, while she was being feted at the national event a video message from Jay Leno himself came on screen and he congratulated her on her accomplishment.

Congratulations Susan on your weight loss success, the changes in your health as a result and for being a great example for all of stick with it no matter what!

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