Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Holiday Eating Tips for Weight Loss Goals

So you have set your intentions and figured out what kind of support you want from friends and family...and asked for it. Awesome!

What are some other things you can do to ensure your success over the holidays?

Do not go to events hungry! It seems counter-intuitive, but eat something before going to a party. Most dinners do not start at the time of the invitation. You'll have time before for hors d'ouevres and drinks which can really add to the calorie load. The temptation is to starve all day so that you can eat whatever you want at the party. This always leads to eating way more.

I suggest a handful of raw nuts (most of the nuts you will find at parties will be roasted...enjoy them in moderation, but buy raw nuts to have on hand at home!) Raw nuts help suppress appetite and have lots of the healthy fats which help you feel satisfied.

Other foods to have to munch on before you go to a party are raw vegetables. Leafy salad is not a big winner in my book at this time of year...I like finger foods. They are easier and feel more like a treat! I buy some of my favorite veggies like red peppers, sugar snap peas, grape tomatoes and english cucumbers. Normally I would put them in a wonderful salad, but for this purpose I cut them up and have them ready for noshing as is.

Add a little protein and fat (the good kind) by having a tablespoon of hummus, peanut butter or yogurt (try plain mixed with mustard for a tangy dip) and you have a healthy snack that will keep you going until the main meal!

And please remember, the holidays only come once a year... enjoy some of your favorite foods...if you are going to be upset that you didn't have Grammie's special pie you will be more apt to "fall off the wagon" later and do more damage to your health goals than if you just had a small piece and savored it!

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