Monday, November 10, 2008

Cookies, the Good the Bad and the Ugly

Well, maybe there aren't any ugly cookies, but I couldn't resist!

Why am I talking about cookies, when this blog is about achieving health (and weight) goals? Well, if you remember I have said with my program I have no forbidden foods. That includes cookies.

One of my wonderful neighbors came by the house today selling cookie dough as a fundraiser for his grandson's pre-school. The child was sick and therefore could not assist Grandpa, but will be helping with the delivery of the buckets. Hmmmm. Since each bucket weighs in at 3 pounds I'm not sure just how much help the little guy will be, but at least he will be present!

My neighbor said, "I know you are on a diet, so if you don't want any that's okay". It was really sweet that he wanted me to know that he was aware that I've lost a lot of weight and that I should not feel obligated to participate. I did have to tell him that I refuse to diet! People just don't seem to understand that--how is it possible to lose weight without dieting? Well, I'm proof that it is possible!

Know what else? I was glad that he didn't assume and make the decision for me! Since most people think if you are losing weight you never eat treats, he could easily have made that assumption!

We did buy one bucket. I figure it will last us about a year!

I know that I won't go crazy...because I have evidence to prove that now. So this is the first time I have ever bought one of these food fund-raisers and not had a level of fear associated with the purchase!

Sometimes a freshly baked cookie is just what the doctor ordered (well, maybe not Dr. Linda!)

We'll chat another time about some really healthy cookies that I make that are part of the Mars Venus Wellness Solution. They are so rich and mother said
They taste so sinful I cannot get it into my head they are legal.

Oh, if only all of life's problems were so simple!

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