Friday, November 14, 2008

The Power of the Mind in Losing Weight

Our mind is our biggest ally or enemy when it comes to maintaining our health including losing weight.

I'm not talking about willpower. As you read yesterday, willpower is not the answer.

Mindset is a different animal. What you tell yourself, especially if you tell yourself it over and over, will come about.

I'm convinced one of the reasons I got fat (besides being out of balance chemically) was that I said to myself and others repeatedly that I was fat. Even when I was not fat, or maybe just a little fat.

I was convinced I was so fat that no one would love me. I think I gained more weight just to try to "prove" my point!

Dr. Linda brings up in her blog
that our subconscious doesn't know if what you are telling it is true or not, but it will work to make it true.

So start by saying affirmations about your health, your journey to a slender body, your willingness to be attractive...if you can say "I'm beautiful" or slender or loved that is awesome! But if you can't bring yourself to say those words without hearing "no I'm not!" in the background then practice what you can say positive about yourself. I've talked about affirmations before and how to use them to help achieve your goals...always a good thing to remember!

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