Thursday, November 6, 2008

Phone Coaching Assists Weight Loss

Thanks to Lynda Lippin, the Fitness Diva for this information.

In a new study published in the November/December issue of the American Journal of Health Promotion, researchers at Brigham Young University, headed by Dr. Larry Tucker, found that phone coaching has a an extremely positive effect on weight loss. In a 17 week study that contrasted men and women who were given 11 sessions of personalized weight loss phone coaching against a group who received no such support, the phone coached group shed an average of seven pounds in contrast to an average of four pounds in the uncoached adults.

Says Dr. Tucker, "Tucker: People tend to do better when they have a support system and when they have someone they report to each week. The weight loss coach can help people work through weight loss issues, barriers and problems. Compared to no coaching, phone coaching tends to show a benefit."

I couldn't agree more! My coaching with Dr. Linda (not the Fitness Diva, different fitness ladies!) has helped me immensely. I recommend finding someone who fits with your needs and who can support you in nutrition, attitude and exercise.

This is especially helpful if you live alone or in an area where it may be difficult to get support--or if you have family and friends who just "don't get" what you are trying to accomplish in your life!

I tried some of the groups in past (like Weight Watchers) and they didn't work for me. If they support you, that is awesome. But if not, give Dr. Linda a try, I think she is awesome!

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