Thursday, November 20, 2008

Are Fats Good or Bad? What About Carbs? I'm so Confused

Yesterday I mentioned a book that helps dispel some of the myths or misinformation we have about food. Does that make it "mythinformation"?

Michael Pollan has written another such book, In Defense of Food. He makes a good point that we tend to demonize a food group (it used to be all fats were considered bad, for example) and glorify others. This goes on for a while and then we learn that--whoa! Hold your horses!!! Some fats are good for you and actually help you lose weight!

Since fats were no longer total evil, we then turned on all carbs. That turns out not to be correct either.

Really the best thing to do is to eat a balanced diet and eat as close to nature as we can and to eat in moderation.

Not only does this prescription help us with our waistlines, it will help the planet too. Less refined foods and less packaging results in less waste.

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