Friday, November 28, 2008

Are You Happy After Thanksgiving?

How did you do on Thanksgiving regarding your health goals?

Did you follow through on your plan?

Did you move more?

Did you enjoy some of your favorite foods in moderation?

Or perhaps did you overindulge a bit -- or a lot?

In other words, are you happy with how your Thanksgiving went? Are you happy with the decisions that you made?


If you are not, dust yourself off (gently) and reset those day does not ruin your program UNLESS YOU CHOOSE TO LET IT! So if you made some less than perfect decisions, follow them up with better ones!

Take a few minutes today to reflect back on what you could have done differently yesterday that would have allowed you to feel better today. Don't beat yourself up, this is observation time, not a day of judgment.

Now, include those insights you have gathered into your plans for the remainder of the holiday season--and let's talk tomorrow about taking action!

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