Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Buying Bras

OK, this is for the women out there--I am not a clothes shopper. I don't particularly enjoy the experience. Maybe that is because I have been fat most of my life and so it isn't really a fun experience to sweat and try on clothes that always seem to be too tight.

Well, I had to buy clothes recently as I was going to a conference. While I was in the store they made an announcement that they were having fittings for bras. Well, I was wearing the same bra that I had been wearing 100 pounds ago. Thinking just maybe it was time for me to have a new bra I headed over.

I intellectually knew that having new "foundation garments" would make a big difference, but I really wasn't prepared for the visual change. Heck I wasn't sagging any more! In fact "the girls" were upright and "perky" as I've heard Oprah say!

So do yourself a favor and buy a couple new bras--whether you have lost a lot of weight or just haven't bought a new bra in a while, get a bra that fits and it will uplift your spirits, as well as "the girls"!

Not sure how to pick one out--hate to go to the stores. Check out this link and get the right bra for you, shipped right to your door! Find your perfect bra with JustMySize.com's BraFinder!

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