Sunday, November 2, 2008

So How Come I Still Feel Fat?

I've lost 100 pounds (Hooray for me!), so how come I still feel fat? And why did I not dance up and down and celebrate and boast about my success? Instead I allowed myself to wallow in feeling fat.

Being with my family recently really made me think about that. I don't know that I have ALL the answers but I have come up with a couple.

First is mental image of self vs PHOTOS! I was feeling really good, trim, etc. Heck I know that I am not at my ideal weight yet--but I am well on my way. But I saw some pictures of myself and I was surprised at my reaction. Instead of seeing my progress I really saw how "big" I still am.

In my mind's eye, I look trimmer than I do in photos. And that has always been the case. I looked at the photos and thought, wow, how can 100 pound weight loss not be more significant in appearance?

Goes to show I still have a lot of work to do on my self image. Looking at myself in the mirror is not the same as seeing a photo. Is it that the camera actually adds 10 pounds? Or is it that because it is a static image and so you don't see the "life" or movement? It is easier to look at a photo critically (or objectively) perhaps than when looking in the mirror. In the mirror it is easier to gloss over some areas and move to some favorites.

Just a theory.

By the way, I decided to look at some photos from about 75 pounds ago...when I compare those to my current photos I can see a huge difference.

Weight loss tool note: when looking at photos, have a progression so you keep the positive attitude.

And maybe, just maybe I'll be willing to put up some photos!

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