Sunday, November 30, 2008

Holiday Eating Tip Avoid Partially Hydrogenated Oils

Watch out for the partially hydrogenated oils! During the holidays these buggers can be hiding out in a variety of places, including pastry wrapped around appetizers and in pies and cakes.

When you see baked goods that are not home made, the chances are good they have some of these nasty oils because it is easier and cheaper for the commercial bakers to use them.

You have the most control over the ingredients if you are the one providing the treat. When buying goodies for yourself, parties, the office or to give as gifts, if you do not have the time or desire to bake yourself, check with the local bakery--whether in the grocery store or a separate specialty shop. Ask them if they use any partially hydrogenated oils. Or if you buy a packaged type at the grocery store, read the ingredients list and pass if they are present.

If you are someone else's party--whether their home or office--it is better to be safe and presume the goodies are store bought and may contain partially hydrogenated oils.

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