Friday, May 21, 2010

#1 Strategy to Curb Emotional Eating

Despite our past success, despite our best intentions, emotional eating sometimes rears its ugly head. This can be scary if you have lost weight...the fear that the weight will all come back is very real, and unfortunately can cause even more emotional eating.

Look, if we continue with the habits that got us fat in the first place, then we will remain fat, or become fat again if we have succeeded in losing weight.

This is the start in a series on strategies that I have developed that help me to nip the emotional eating in the bud. (Hey, I'm human...sometimes these work better than others! But they do work, if you use them!)

The #1 strategy may actually help you stop the binge BEFORE IT STARTS...I call it a binge, because even if you don't eat massive quantities of food, that is essentially what emotional eating is in my book.

So what is this secret weapon? It is really a simple question.

Ask yourself why you want to eat.

Simple question, not necessarily easy to answer, but this is where you want to start.

Face it, if you are looking in the fridge or cupboard and just don't know what you want to eat, chances are pretty good that you aren't really hungry--not physically. Try to determine what is the reason behind the urge to eat.

Just taking the time to think about it, might stop you from eating. It gives your brain a chance to click in.

And, if you figure out that you are reaching for that bag of chips because you had a fight with your boss (or partner/best friend/kid...) then you have the chance to take a different action.

Now you can determine if you really want to eat in response to that feeling or if there is a better way to resolve the situation.

You may still choose to self-medicate...but at least you have made it a conscious choice. And really, if we want to be permanently healthy, then we deserve to learn how to handle our emotions with out self-medicating!

Come back for strategy #2...another weight loss success tip that I use to help prevent binges!

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