Thursday, May 27, 2010

Emotional Eating Strategy #7 for Weight Loss Success

As I mentioned yesterday, this is a very simple strategy. It isn't anything new, but it can be very effective.

Strategy #7: Work For It

By that I mean a couple different things. First, like in strategy #4 portion control, make a real meal or snack out of it. Don't eat over the kitchen sink. Use a real plate or bowl...something you have to wash. Use small dishes so you have to actually get more if you want it.

But there is more than that...

If there are foods that are triggers for you then don't have them in the house. That seems super easy, but it isn't. It is super logical and simple concept, but the practice is a lot harder.

When talking about trigger foods, be aware that there are times when you will be able to have that food around and be just fine...but at other times the mere presence of it in the house will be enough to drive you over the edge!

Ice cream is my drug of choice...the darker chocolate the better, loaded with fat and lots of goodies. Now, these days for the most part I can have ice cream in the house and from time to time have a small serving. I generally have a pretty healthy relationship with ice cream these days. But in the beginning, it had such a strong pull on me that I didn't keep it in the house. And even now, there are times when I just know that I'll have an easier time sticking to my weight loss goals if I don't have ice cream around.

If I REALLY want it, I know where the store is!

By not having it in the house you force yourself to take a break and it gives your conscious mind time to kick in and remind you that your goal is to have a healthy, energetic and slender body...and that eating a quart of ice cream is not supportive of that goal. Sometimes that works, sometimes you'll buy it anyway! But you have given yourself the chance to make it a conscious choice, strategy #3!

Tomorrow I will go into the 8th strategy...something that is actually a habit that I've developed for weight loss success that I recently realized was helping me curb my emotional eating!

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