Monday, May 10, 2010

Yosemite and You: National Treasures

I was seated next to a delightful woman from Oklahoma on the flight to visit my mom the other day. Now normally I am pretty quiet on planes. I'm friendly, but I generally stick my nose in a magazine or a book. This flight was different.

I don't remember how we first started talking, how the connection was made. Some trivial thing, I'm sure. But shortly into the flight we were talking like we had known each other for years. Frankly, I've never had an experience on a plane quite like it!

Not only did the flight go by more quickly, it was exciting and fun...and we saw things out the window that so amazing...I've done this flight Denver to San Jose hundreds of times over the years, but this was the very first time I could actually see (and recognize) Yosemite National Park from the air! I was so excited! I could really see the valley, Half Dome and even Yosemite Falls! I don't know if we were closer to the Park then I've ever been, if the air was more clear, or if it was a combination of both...but there it was...revealed...

What does this have to do with weight loss? Why am I writing about an airplane ride and seeing Yosemite?

Because, weight loss success is often like seeing Yosemite from the air. It has always been POSSIBLE to see the Park...I mean, it was always THERE...just sometimes it was hidden beneath clouds or atmosphere, or we were just a bit too far away...or I was preoccupied by a book and didn't notice.

Losing weight and achieving our ideal body is like that. It has always been possible to drop fat and improve our health...but sometimes it SEEMS like that goal is unattainable...the body we want is hidden from our view by excess fat, weight loss success is clouded by cravings and habits...our goal seems too big, too far away...or life just gets in the way and we don't have (or take) the time to see the possibility.

Take a few minutes today and think about what is keeping you from seeing your own What are the clouds that are hiding your personal treasure (a healthy, energetic body)? What is keeping that goal out of your reach? What are you allowing to keep you from seeing the beauty that you have inside? Are you taking the time to even be open to the possibility that it is there, or are you so busy focusing on other things that you don't even recognize the gem that YOU are?

You are every bit as beautiful as our National Parks. You are just as valuable. Just like each Park has its own personality and points of beauty, so do each of us. It isn't our job to all become Yosemite...some of us are Rocky Mountains or Sea Shores or Deserts or Old Faithful!

It is our job to recognize that what makes us different is what makes us special, and the world deserves to see and experience us for our uniqueness...just like the world deserves the opportunity to experience a broad range of beautiful places.

Figure out why you are hiding your treasure. Decide that you are worth a little spit and polish. Then take small steps every day to get our next great national treasure in shape--YOU!

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