Saturday, May 22, 2010

2nd Top Strategy to Curb Emotional Eating

You've probably heard me talk about this one before...but it is such an important strategy, not just for emotional eating binges, but for all weight loss success efforts that it bears repeating!

No Forbidden Foods

In other words, give yourself a little permission to eat like a human!

By putting foods and emotional eating entirely on a taboo list you add guilt to the act of eating. That only makes us want to eat more because now we have another emotional reason to eat!

Besides, having foods "off-limits" really gets to the little kid inside us...and we all remember when we were kids and told we couldn't have or do something, right? We just wanted it all the more!

By giving yourself permission to take away the guilt--and the need to hide your eating!

Let yourself have small portions of special treats. A little "mental health food" is not going to make you is repeated doses of quantities of food as medication that does that.

Check back tomorrow for strategy #3...

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