Sunday, February 1, 2009

Are Your Veggies Healthy?

Now look at how are the vegetables prepared--

Are you eating your potatoes in the form of french fries? You pretty much lost all the good potato count that as a simple carbohydrate.

Are you eating your potato baked? Terrific. Oh, but you added 1/2 cup sour cream or several tablespoons of butter. You have now made a healthy food one laden with fat. Again, pretty much lost all the good value.

Are you having a big salad? Congrats! Dousing it with salad dressing--oops....

The point is, remember what you are adding to your vegetables. Make the additions healthy choices. Want some fat...use olive oil, flax oil or other oils that are actually good for you.

Instead of tons of butter and sour cream for your potatoes (russet, gold, red or sweet) try herbs, olive oil, flax oil, a little soy sauce, or something I have come to love is "Liquid Aminos". I spray a little on and it really adds a great zest to my potato.

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