Friday, February 27, 2009

Food Addiction: Cured or In Recovery?

Hi. My name is Laurie. I'm an ice cream-aholic.

Food has always been my 'drug of choice'. Specifically ice cream. Even more specifically, chocolate ice cream...or just about any ice cream with chocolate in it.

The higher the fat content the better.

I could literally eat several quarts at a sitting.

Of course I would then wonder why I had a headache!!!

It is a wonder I'm not diabetic or have cholesterol through the roof.

That has all changed now...I actually bought a pint (one!) of ice cream on Sunday because it sounded good. Then I forgot I even had it in the house!

On Wednesday night I decided to have some. I voluntarily stopped part way through because I was done! It no longer was satisfying or tasting good, so I put it back...

If you notice I said I put it back, that means that I was eating right out of the container, I had not dished it out. That had been my method of portion control before. Dish some out. And go back for more. Again. and Again. Or not--sometimes I just ate right out of the quart container.

I am excited at the prospect that I have a normal relationship with food!

I know that it is important to keep my awareness up and not slip into bad habits--but this is a very good day...

Maybe I'll celebrate! Rocky Road, anyone (I'm joking!)

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