Thursday, February 26, 2009

Weight Loss Success Calories NOT Key

It is not the number of calories you eat versus expend that is the most important measure of success for losing weight.

While reducing calories taken in and/or increasing the number of calories you burn is part of the equation--it is not the be-all to end-all.

This is my story--and I'm sticking to it--despite a federal study that claims otherwise.

This study followed people for 2 years (which for a dieter is an eternity) and found that whether the diet was low-fat or low-carb or high-protein did not wasn't the kind of diet that had the effect. The participants who had the greatest success, no matter what type of diet they were on reduced their caloric intake--and stuck with it.

Ah-ha! That is the key then, the sticking to it part!

Even in this study they note that the participants had trouble sticking to the plan--and weight lost was modest for most!!!

I've heard the calories in vs calories out theory since I was in high school. As a competitive athlete who worked out several hours a day and who did not eat a lot of food--and yet was still considered overweight--it just didn't make sense.

I knew in my heart there was more to it than simple math or physics!

Eating, body image and weight loss are emotional issues. And, defying all logic, it is quite possible for us to "hold on to" fat even if follow the mathematical equation.

This is why programs that include some sort of counseling or peer support have much greater results than diets that are simply following some eating rules.

With support, it is much easier to make the permanent life-style changes that are required to have permanent weight-loss results.

And to make the changes in our behavior we have to change what is going on in our heads first.

Bottom line, get your head 'in the game', decide that you are worth it, decide that you can achieve it, get some support, and every day take the action steps to get you to your health goals.

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