Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Focus on the Positive Changes Not What is Left to Be Done

I am feeling positively wonderful...

Interesting thing how ones outlook or attitude can affect your entire day...and choosing different ways of looking at something can make all the difference.

For example, you know that I've lost over 100 pounds (over 120 now)--what you may not know is that I still would like to drop a few more.

In the past, I would have allowed the "fact" that I have not accomplished my goal to diminish my ability to celebrate and embrace the success to date. Maybe I haven't lost 100 pounds before, but I have lost 50 pounds before--and not respected that achievement or myself enough and instead of maintaining that loss I actually put it all back on AND MORE!

So as I look in the mirrow while exercising I notice and love my body--even with some extra fat jiggling around. I am not perfect. May never have the perfect body--however, I am PROUD of what I have done. I am enjoying seeing the changes in my body.

Instead of focusing on the remaining fat, I am choosing to focus on my emerging muscles that I can see and feel . I am focusing on their growing strength and that they are coming out of hiding from beneath layers of fat.

I am choosing to focus on noticing my bones--seeing my skeletal structure. How strong my bones are! How loyal have they been as they carried my body around.

I am choosing to notice how my arms and legs, and even my fingers and toes, are appearing to grow longer. The truth is they are less round than they were before--the shortness was an illusion that I am shattering.

What an exciting discovery this "new" body is!

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