Thursday, February 12, 2009

Weight Loss Tips: Business Trips and Booze

Alcohol on business trips can be the biggest trip up...set your limit BEFORE you get to the restaurant or bar. Make it a business decision and then stick to it, like you would any business decision.

Know what you like to drink BESIDES alcohol, so you don't have to think about it.

If you are out with a client or co-worker with whom you have partied heartily on previous trips, they may be surprised at the change. But don't build it up in your mind to be more than it probably is.

Be fun, be jovial and let others drink as much as they want...

No matter what, be confident in your order. Don't apologize or make excuses for your order. If you don't make a big deal out of it, chances are good no one else will either.

Remember you are doing this for YOU and your health. And don't let anyone bully you into drinking beyond the limit you established for yourself. Keep in your own mind (even though you are not announcing this to your colleagues) that by keeping your health promises you are demonstrating personal strength, power, control and integrity. These are all excellent business skills!

My plan is to have one drink with dinner. I don't have cocktails before hand...I find that even one drink without food loosens my resolve and makes it much harder to stick to my health goals.

Rather than fighting with myself, I know that I want to have a nice glass of wine with my meal and really enjoy that, so if I'll be at the bar before I'll have a seltzer or mineral water with lime.

I have friends who love iced tea or coffee so they choose that. For these purposes, don't worry about the sugar...unless you are diabetic...but that's a whole different subject... the sugar is less of a demon for the night than the alcohol which is sugar AND relaxer!

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