Monday, March 2, 2009

Loving Self Start to Weight Loss

Being fat can make it seem hard to believe that we are loveable.

Through the media we are led to believe it is ugly, horrible, that we are lazy, slobs, and that we are not worthy of love from anyone...except maybe our pets.

Being fat is not a crime--and it does not preclude us from being loved and giving love.

Many of us focus on being loving to others which is giving away love--
  • as a way to make us feel good about ourselves
  • because we were taught that it is better to give than to receive (or some other similar message)
  • in the hopes that if we love someone enough they will love us back in the way we need
  • because we do not believe we are worth loving
  • to create an image that we believe others will find loveable (an image, not necessarily a reality)
In order to achieve our health goals including, but not limited to weight, we must change this focus to being loving to ourselves first--
  • as a way to feel good about ourselves
  • to fill our "tank" so we are overflowing with love which we then give to others
  • and thereby learn and believe that we are worthy of being loved
  • to learn in what healthy ways we want to be loved
  • to model for others how they should behave towards us and how they too can be authentic (real instead of image)
To be loved by others we must first treat ourselves lovingly. If we do not care for and about ourselves, than why should anyone else.

By loving ourselves we gain a sense of peace and possibility.

This is what helps us to move forward with our lives in the fullest possible health!

If you need assistance in this, start with affirmations...and I strongly endorse Louise Hay's movie and book "You Can Heal Your Life"...get the extended version of the movie for lots of affirmation tools!


christie said...

I ordered the DVD set. I did affirmations for about 2 days a long time ago in my life. I am willing to try them again to change how I feel about myself. Yes, it is easier to love others than it is to love myself. I have some work to do here.

Laurie Tossy said...

Thanks for your comment...sometimes we have to be our own best cheering section!

The fact that you do love others is just one indication that you are capable and deserving of love for yourself! Celebrate that and keep taking those positive steps forward!

You can do it!

I am glad you are open to the possibility that affirmations can help...make a commitment to YOURSELF that you will stick with them at least 21 days.

And be sure to report back and let me know how you are doing!