Thursday, March 5, 2009

What Exercise is Best for Weight Loss?

The best exercise is one that you will actually do!

OK, that doesn't really answer the here goes...

The simple truth is there is no one "best" exercise for everyone. Because we all have different body types, lifestyles, abilities, preferences and time available no one can honestly give you a pat answer.

I can tell you what works for me. I can tell you things that have worked for me in the past. And I can tell you things that have not worked for me in the past.

That is true for most people who offer advice on exercise...including a lot of professionals!

You are the best person to determine what will be the best for you...and there are some questions you can ask yourself to help determine your preferences if you don't already know.

Tomorrow I'll go into more details about the questions...until then, think about this--

What kind of activity do you enjoy? What about exercise do you not enjoy? Are you solitary or social? How do you best stick to commitments? What kind of time and financial budget do you have for exercising?

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