Friday, March 6, 2009

Questions to Ask Yourself About the Best Exercise to Lose Weight

Following up on yesterday's post about what is the best exercise for losing weight--

Ask yourself a few questions to help determine the best exercise for you. Really think about the questions and honestly answer them. There is no right or wrong it is important that you truly reflect on what is true for you. Don't let any answer keep you from exercising. There are ways for everyone to exercise--even if you have little or no money, time.

Do I prefer a formal or organized program? This could be a class, a DVD you follow or an appointment you make with a trainer or friend.

Or do I prefer an informal program like walking around my that has more flexibility in scheduling or is self-directed. Challenge here is will you stick with it?

Do I like to exercise with other people? Do I like the social aspect? The camaraderie?

Or do I prefer to exercise alone? Do I like to listen to my music or inspirational CD, or just be quiet while I exercise?

Am I comfortable working out in public? Is "public" okay if it is a gym, but not in a park (or vice-verse)? Is "public" okay if it is a controlled group, like all members of the same sex or all people who are overweight?

Do I stick with tasks better if I make a public commitment? Accountability to others can be a big motivator for a lot of people.

Or am I good at sticking with commitments to myself and that is enough? If you think you many times have you committed to losing weight or exercising and "fallen off the wagon" in the past? Is it possible that support and/or accountability are things that will help you?

Do I want to learn something new, or is there something in the past that worked for me that I'd like to get back to?

Do I like loud and/or really active movement, or do I prefer quiet and stretching type movement.

How much time do I have to commit to exercising every day? Does that include dressing for exercise and the time to get to my exercise destination...gym/hiking trail/friend's house...?

How much financial investment can I commit to for exercise? To buy proper attire so I am comfortable and safe, any memberships or instruction--whether in person training or DVDs or CDs, any tools like weights or an iPod.

Are there types of exercise that I just can't stand? The obvious response to that is don't go there then!

However, if you say you hate all exercise I'm here to tell you that you have to get over that! Or as Dr. Phil would say "and how is that working for you?"

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