Friday, March 27, 2009

Sugar Cravings: Feed Me Now or I Will Kill You

Dr. Mehmet Oz is a regular on the Oprah Show and writes articles that appear on her website. He wrote recently about sugar cravings and his suggestions for dealing with them. You can see the article on the Oprah site.

He identifies 3 basic categories of sugar cravings, what may be the cause and his suggestions to counteract them.

In today's post we'll review the first one...

"Feed me now, or I'll kill you." Hmm...I can relate to this one! This is typically due to low blood sugar. One of the typical responses is to eat sugar...this helps short-term but then as you plunge down the sugar abyss it just gets worse.

To break the low blood sugar curse Dr. Oz suggests sucking on a Tic Tac or two to stop the major craving, then eat more protein (and reduce sweets) to keep your blood sugar more even. Eating many small meals throughout the day rather than 3 main meals can really help.

I knew a guy who said he had PMS...3 times a day..."Pre Meal Syndrome"...if you suffer from this, get grumpy or irritable or fatigued, then definitely try the mini-meal approach. It has really helped me a lot!

A book that helped me break the sugar blues is The Perricone Prescription by dermatologist Nicholas Perricone. By eating more frequently and learning about even healthy foods that are higher in sugar content I was able to make better choices that helped my skin and my body.

For me, this worked temporarily but it was just too much I couldn't keep it up.

I later did find Dr. John Gray's Mars Venus Wellness Solution and that helped my cravings and it was super easy!

Next post we'll talk about the other two causes of sugar cravings according to Dr. Oz.

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