Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Shop Around Before Joining a Gym

More on this series about exercising for weight loss

If you are considering joining a gym be sure to shop around. Things to look for include

  • Do they offer a variety of memberships that fit your financial and time budget? For example, some offer part-time memberships where you can go 3 times a week and save money.
  • Am I comfortable with the people who are working out when I am most likely to be there? Some gyms cater to all women, and most gyms have a different client base at different hours of the day.
  • Check out the locker rooms and showers--are they clean? Even if you don't want to dress there, it will help give you an idea about the cleanliness of the other facilities.
  • Does the gym offer training on the equipment--if they don't, unless you are an expert already, don't spend another minute there!
  • Does the gym offer classes that sound interesting to me--aerobics, spinning, yoga? Is there an extra fee to attend classes?
  • Does the gym have personal trainers that I can tap into? Is there an extra fee?
  • Does the gym offer child care if you need it?
  • Does this feel like a supportive environment?
  • Is the gym location convenient from home or the office?
  • Look at what your City or Town has to offer--sometimes they have a gym or "recreation center" that will provide the services you want, for less money.
The most important thing is to move, to have fun and keep with it! Make a small commitment at that into a habit and then grow that. These small changes will yield big results!

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