Friday, November 20, 2009

Biggest Loser Weight Loss Inspiration

Rudy faced a big mental break through on the Biggest Loser television show this week...I wrote about that yesterday...but there were a couple other moments that I also found inspiring...and important to point out.

Rebecca was the big inspiration to me...not because of what she did while on the show, but because of what she has accomplished since going home! She is showing the drive and determination to succeed and achieve her health goals...and to help overweight kids to become healthy and I applaud that!

The spotlight is still on her...and will be for a long time, especially in her hometown...and I hope that she is able to reflect that light to shine a beacon of hope for many, many and adults alike.

One of the biggest lessons I got from TBL this week, was that even with all the exercising and access to coaches, weight loss is not a consistent, predictable event.

Weight loss is not a simple math equation. Two women "only" lost 3 pounds...while that would be an excellent weight loss at home, 3 pounds at the ranch is surprisingly low. You could see the disbelief on the faces of everyone. Not just this week, but in other weeks when a participant didn't lose much weight.

The truth is, it happens. It doesn't mean the person ate more than the others or exercised any less. Sometimes weight just hangs on...I don't know why...but I know from personal experience it does!

Then sometimes you will have a HUGE weight drop even though you are doing the same things as the week before. This was exemplified by Amanda's weight loss success this week.

The three women all weigh about the same amount. Amanda and Rebecca are similar in age, and appear to workout at a similar why did one have a 3 pound weight loss and the other lose 9 pounds?

The take-away here is not that one of them was better or luckier than the other. It is that this does happen. Don't beat yourself up over it.

Take the steps towards your health and you will get there. It might take you months or even years...but as long as you continue to take the steps you will get closer and closer and ultimately achieve your goal.

Use this to inspire you to your own weight loss success!

What did you think about this week's show? What part moved you the most? Was there a message you resonated with...that you can apply to your life?

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