Friday, November 13, 2009

Celebrity Weight Loss Week: It's a Wrap with a Little Ham and Cheese

This has been a fun week looking at various celebrities and their weight loss successes and challenges. Big & beautiful Mo'Nique, Kirstie Alley's poised for her new show, Kate Winslet avoiding excessive dieting and exercise, and the big winner Abby...we have been able to learn something from all these amazing women.

In the past I've also blogged about other celebs and their weight loss, or position on dieting...recently Taylor Swift declared she refuses to diet, Valerie Bertinelli revealed her new slender bod on the Oprah show, Star Jones talked about her weight loss surgery, and Marie Osmond discussed her healthy "large" size 2/4 body....

Clearly, having money and fame does not guarantee you a healthy and fit body. Nor does it guarantee that if you do get fat you will have weight loss success. Women like Kirstie and Oprah can afford trainers and chefs, and still they struggle with their weight.

But we can also see that weight loss success is possible when we approach for our selves our health--not for our network...whether that netowrk is CBS, NBC or Family&Friends. If takes a shift in mindset!

Each of these women who have successfully dropped excess fat has said isn't about going on a "diet" is about changing your thinking and making small changes in your life.

These people have DONE it differently...wrapped the mindset up with different tools...maybe a diet coach or an exercise coach...but before they could do that work they had to change who they were BEing on the inside.

I hope I'm wrong in my concers about Kirsties. I want her to succeed...permanently. I don't want to see her not lose weight, nor do I want to see her gain it all back...but she hasn't revealed to me the mindset shift yet. Until she does, I fear she will only have short-term results at best.

To these other fantastic women--keep doing what you are doing. Your weight loss success inspries us, helps us remember beauty comes in packages of all shapes and sizes. You help us know we too can have a healthy, energetic, beautiful body.

What did you think about this week's theme?

Did any of the celebrites speak to you? Did you identify with any of them?
  • Mo'Nique: Bid and beautiful: dropping weight for health and longevity
  • Kirstie: Putting her health on hold: are you waiting for the perfect moment to start
  • Kate: No Slave to the gym: balancing her health with a your family and career
  • Abby: Releasing the pain gain: removing the insulating layer, willing to feel and live again
Comment here--declare what you liked or didn't like about this week's series. Who inspired you and how are you going to put that inspiration to work in your own life?

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