Monday, April 13, 2009

Oprah Celebrity Weight Loss Show

I rarely watch television schedule just doesn't allow for that. So I tivo shows that interest the Oprah Winfrey Show.

Recently Oprah featured three celebrities who have struggled with their weight--Marie Osmond, Valerie Bertinelli and Star Jones.

This single show has sparked several things in me and so this is the start of a series based on that one show and the stories these three women shared.

I get that this struggle about weight is tough for them because they are in the public eye. However, I really don't believe their struggles are any different than our own. Like everything else in the life of a celebrity, the scale is bigger--and I'm not talking about the one you step on Star.

Their very public struggle was precisely what gave them the opportunity to be on this show and to be a spokes person (or poster child) for a program. So while they didn't like the publicity when they were heavy, they chose to have it during this part of the journey. This may have been partly to keep them on the path (pubic accountability) and partly to help inspire others.

Whether you are in the view of the entire world, your town, your place of work, or just in view of your family and friends, the stresses of weight loss and gain are the same.

Some people will support you. Others won't believe you will make it--and if you do, they won't believe that you can keep it off. And still others will try to sabotage your efforts--either by bringing you "presents" or by pointing out your flaws--maybe 'thunder thighs' in a certain outfit--one that you were so proud to fit into. This would be our equivalent to the unflattering photos in the National Enquirer!

The bottom line is that you have to be the one who determines IF you will lose weight.

Someone else may help give you a wake up call, but you have to do it for yourself. Marie Osmond's kids may have told her that they want her to be around for her grandkids, but she had to want to make the change for herself in order for her to persevere and succeed.

Tomorrow we'll talk more about this public accountability and choosing your support group!

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