Friday, April 24, 2009

I Made Myself Fat

In order to get rid of my excess fat I had to realize and accept that I was the one who made me fat.

No one else.

I used to love to blame my mother. Or my genes. Or advertising. Or society. Or illness. Or injury.

How liberating it was to realize that I am responsible for being fat--to realize it and really accept it.

Sure there are outside influences...ones that don't serve us...but every choice that I made that was unhealthy was just that, my choice. Including the times I chose to listen to the outside influences--whatever their message was about my appearance or worthiness or whatever!

When I realized that I had the control...the choose to be fat, a big lightbulb went off. If I can choose to be fat, I can choose to be healthy!

That was the beginning of a wonderful new fork in my journey of life!

While I am not perfect (and maybe that is a good thing!)...I am pleased to say that more often than not I am making healthy choices and my body is reflecting that.

By accepting responsibility for my results, I am claiming my power!

Stop blaming and claim your power! Make your choice for health and know that you are the one who is responsible for where you are right now and where you will be tomorrow and the next day and the next!

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