Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I'll Thank You to Keep Your Sugar Levels Even

When we allow ourselves to eat excessive sugar--especially the pure stuff...white sugar, corn syrups, etc--we are setting ourselves up for a roller coaster ride.

Not only is this ride not fun for us...well, the highs might be, but the crash down sucks!...Truth is, it is no picnic for our friends, family and co-workers either. And the folks at the next table at the restaurant...or your neighbors...you get the picture.

Rather than "solving" the problem by rushing to get even more sugar, grab some more natural sugar in the form of fruits and vegetables. These complex carbohydrates still break down into sugar in your blood stream...and many taste sweet...but the sugar that is produced by our bodies affects us at a slower, more consistent rate.

So we can have the sweet tastes without the roller coaster ride. I am personally convinced that a large number of people are on antidepressants when what they really need to do is get OFF sugar!

I say that because I was one of them! When you are depressed you grab anything that helps boost your feelings...and sugar will artificially do that...for a while. But it is like any other drug...you end up needing more and more, and more frequently.

Look, I still love sweets as much as the next person...probably more...but I hate how they make me feel. So I make the effort to keep my sugar levels balanced out as much as possible.

By doing that, by taking control of my food, I have not only lost 120lbs, I am completely off anti-depressants and have been for over a year! And that is something to celebrate!


Anonymous said...


I had no idea there was a connection between sugar and depression. Yikes! Thanks for letting us know.

I guess there was a lot of truth in it when Mom said, 'Desserts are a treat, not an everyday food.'


Laurie Tossy said...

Yep Catherine...sometimes it is frustrating to learn just how often my mom was right!