Monday, April 20, 2009

It is Never Too Late to Reach Your Dream

I was blown away when I first saw the YouTube video of Susan Boyle singing on Britain's Got Talent.

In fact, I still get "goose pimples" as Amanda would say...and I've watched that video at least a dozen times.

I find it so inspiring!

Here is a woman, a few years younger than me, stepping out onto a stage (in front of Simon Cowell no less!) and going for her dream!

People in the audience--and the judges--didn't expect much. You could see some were hoping she wouldn't stink...or embarrass herself...others were rolling their eyes--probably thinking "who does she think she is?"

There is a lot of society pressure for us to all "fit in"...but wasn't it wonderful to see the crowd and judges' expressions and reactions the minute that incredible voice came out of Susan?

As people struggling with our weight we have a lot of things in common with Susan.

  • We are judged based on our appearance.
  • People presume that we are something that we are not.
  • We put off going for our dreams because we aren't sure we can--or that we are good enough.
  • We have a huge potential inside us--just waiting to bust out!

I am inspired by let my light gift to the world is not singing (boy is that for sure!)...and I don't think I could be that cheeky to Simon Cowell (!) but we each have our own gifts and talents.

Even if we aren't sure we are good enough.

Even if we aren't positive what those gifts are!

What is your dream? And what has been holding you back from achieving it so far?

Let's all commit to taking a step to reach our dreams and live the life that is inside us!

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