Monday, April 27, 2009

Weight Loss: Set Backs Happen

It can happen that we have set backs--maybe you aren't losing as quickly as you would like...or maybe you even gain a couple pounds.

Sometimes this happens because we "fell off the wagon". Other times if just happens and we are left to wonder why. When I choose to focus on the number on the scale rather than the improvement in my health that "why?" can turn into a negative, self-pitying "whhhhhiiiiiiyeeee?"

As frustrating as it is when you are working really hard and you don't see the results you is important to remain confident--as much of the time as possible.

That is one of the reasons having a support team is important.

Lance Armstong never won the Tour de France on his own...he had a huge support team helping him. Sometimes they would pick up the pace, other times they would slow it down. At times they let him draft behind him. And that is just the other riders! Then there were the people providing water and snacks. The folks who made sure his gear was ready every day...

Lance also had to keep his head in the right place. He had to think positively and so do you. Just because you are positive and say affirmations doesn't mean you don't have to put in effort...Lance still had to get on the seat and peddle up those hills! But the affirmations and mindset help you to take the right steps and to take them with the confidence you get from knowing your outcome!

Keep pedaling and making the right choices...easily and with confidence because your head is in the right place.Use your support system to help you over the hills and through the valleys.


Roxannelee said...

Yes I agree it is so important to get back on the plan even when set backs occur.

Laurie Tossy said...

Thanks Roxannelee...I like your blog about toxins making us fat...there are lots of small changes we can make to improve our health and that of the world!