Friday, April 10, 2009

Sadly I Will Eat the Carrots

It isn't that I don't like carrots...I is just that my favorite way to enjoy carrots is by feeding them to the horses that winter over in the pasture across the street. I buy carrots in bulk at Sam's Club. Take a few or a bag over and get some horsey-love.

Well, these long-legged buddies were trailered away to the mountains this week.

The trailer came earlier than now I have carrots left.

So I guess it is all up to me now!

I eat raw carrots from time to time...but not daily. Too many negative associations with carrots as low-calorie food to fill the belly and keep the mouth busy--from years (and years) of less than stellar dieting attempts!

These days I no longer have the need to chew or otherwise keep my mouth occupied (although people who hear me talk might beg to differ!) And I no longer adhere to diets. Nor do I count having a frig full of carrots has a really positive connection to my buddies.

So I will go into mini-mourning. Happy for them as they are in the gorgeous canyon enjoying their retirement. Missing the sight of them as they frolic in the fields nearby.

Here's a toast to the herd--with carrot juice, of course!

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