Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Biggest Loser Big Lie?

I have never watched the tv show the Biggest Loser...last night I turned the television on to watch a show I had recorded and BL was I checked it out for a bit...

The reason I got "sucked in" was because they were weighing in and Kristin had actually gained 1lb. The shock that registered on the faces of everyone--including her trainer--hit home.

What that one show demonstrated to me was that it is not just a simple equation of calories in vs calories out.

If it was that simple then Kristin would have lost weight that week. Her trainer said she worked really hard and did really, really well that week.

So why didn't she lose weight?

She admitted that she was really stressed and put a lot of pressure on herself and that she was concerned about not making it.

Those mental conditions can be enough to have our bodies "hold on" to some fat. That is a component to weight loss that defies the community that insists it is strictly a mathematical formula.

Look, anyone who has made the effort to lose weight knows that sometimes you drop pounds even if the calorie equation says you shouldn't. And other times you don't when you "should"...

Is it that things balance out in the end? Or is it that the mind is a powerful part of the equation...the hidden factor that like adding a zero to a multiplication table can negate all your results?

I was glad to see the show cut to Kristin a few months later and see her positive attitude was back. My wish for her (and for all of us) is that she continues to see the goodness that is inside her. May she keep tapping into her personal power and keep that dream alive!

As Kristin said, "Change is possible--and you are worth it!"

Yes indeed. We are all worth it. You go, girl!

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