Monday, April 6, 2009

My Time is NOW and I am Ready

This is a quote from Dr. Barbara DeAngelis...I was listening to a talk she gave a while back and it really resonated with me. She wasn't talking about weight loss and health goals, but she was spwaking generally about anything and everything. Her emphasis typically is about love and relationships...and during this talk she was talking about our purpose and inter-connectedness.

The key point to come away with is that it is YOUR commitment that matters.

Declare that you are ready. Repeat with me, "My Time is NOW and I am Ready!"

Let's try that again--with more feeling. Put your hand on your chest so you can really feel the words as they resound through your body, "My Time is NOW and I am Ready!"

Much better! Now you are ready. To be the person that YOU are meant to be.

You can do ANYTHING. You can BE anything. Follow your heart and you will create YOUR best, healthy, fit body.

"My Time is NOW and I am Ready!" That is a great general, positive affirmation! OK, now it is time to go workout.

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