Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Positive Self Talk

It is easy for us to think and say negative things about ourselves...we have lots of practice at that. I know I sure have!

Now it is time to practice saying positive things!

Remember getting gold stars in school? Or maybe earning a badge in scouts? Well, you have to give yourself the gold stars now!!!

Do you think you don't deserve it because you haven't got it perfect yet (whatever "it" is...and whatever "perfect" is for that matter) ?

Think back...for me it is a long way back...getting the badge didn't mean that I mastered the task. It meant that I learned something new.

Keep learning and keeping giving yourself badges! Some days those badges will be for pretty little things...other days you'll see you made a huge leap. It doesn't matter right now how big the accomplishment is. What is important is to develop the habit of positive self talk and recognizing when we do "good stuff!"

Sometimes we actually have to look for reasons to celebrate or pat ourselves on the back.

By remembering the positive things we did--it might be that we made a healthy food choice, or we took the stairs, or we did something nice for someone, or we accepted a compliment graciously...see, it can be just about anything...by remembering them we will plant in our brains that we are good and loving...and it will be easier to remember them every day in the future.

Remembering your good stuff helps you to recognize that you are good and worthy...and that you deserve to have your perfect health!

Here's my challenge: at the end of the day come up with at least 5 positive statements about yourself or what you accomplished that day. Remember--they don't have to be health or fitness related...they sure can be, but look at your whole life. 'Cuz that's what it is all about--your whole life.

Then come back here and let me know how you did!

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Evelyn said...


Your blog is fabulous! I like the sheer common sense of what you write. Yes, we do need more positive self-talk.