Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Smiling Leads to Weight Loss

Not because you burn more calories when you smile (although maybe we do), but the act of smiling can actually help you lose weight.

How's that you ask?

Smiling and feeling joyful are great positive aspects of our lives. When we are smiling we are appreciating something in our lives.

This morning I was smiling as I was walking...I was so grateful for the glorious day, the sunrise, the horses in the pasture, the pink reflections in the clouds, on the water on the mountains, and even on the houses in the neighborhood.

I believe that by feeling joy and being grateful for what we have, whether it is that we have the energy and ability to walk in the fresh air, or that we are able to get out of bed today, or whatever little or big thing you can find to be grateful about...we are opening ourselves up to receiving more things to feel grateful about. Including a healthier and more slender body!

This gratitude and happiness helps us to release the emotional bonds that are keeping the fat stuck to us--even if we are "doing everything right"...I don't know how else to explain it...but the calories in vs calories out model does not always work, so there has to be some other component!

When I am truly appreciating what IS, then I am not worrying about what might be or what was. I find that I gain weight when I am more focused on the past or the future rather than enjoying the moment.

On the other hand, when I am in the present and I am wrapped in that pleasantness...when I allow those feelings to seep into my body I feel a satisfaction that is...well, as good as chocolate slowly melting on my tongue! With a whole lot less in calories!

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