Monday, November 30, 2009

Love and Trust Lead to Weight Loss Success

Support yourself in you goals to lose weight and gain health. Now and always. Especially now with the holiday season upon us.

Start by knowing you deserve to have a healthy, energetic and slender body. Learn to love yourself enough to know this! This positive attitude is essential to your weight loss success. It is a mindset change for many people who are overweight. We are very practiced at beating ourselves up over our weight, our appearance, our failed efforts to change. We have done it so often that we begin to believe that we cannot succeed...that even when we want to and promise that we will, we cannot keep those promises. We do not trust ourselves.

Gain trust in your abilities by making small promises to yourself--and then keeping them. Make them super easy to keep in the beginning so that you can and will keep them. Each time you keep a promise to yourself you are building a new pattern...and a pathway in your brain...a belief that you can do it.

Make this holiday season a glorious, healthy, and happy one. It starts with loving yourself--not beating yourself up for what you have done in the past...even if that past was just an hour ago, or 5 minutes ago. Love yourself in THIS moment.

Make one small promise that is loving and that supports your health goals--it could be to move the treats somewhere out of easy could be to do 1 jumping could be to walk 20 extra could be to drink 1 glass of could be to look yourself in the mirror and say one loving thing about could be to write down 5 successes you had today before you go to sleep.

What the promise is, or the size of the promise, is not what is is the keeping it. So if you never drink water, don't make a promise that you will drink 8 glasses every day this week. Start with one glass. If you have trouble getting in exercise, don't commit to doing an hour, start with 5 minutes. If you don't like vegetables, don't say you will eat 5 servings every day, add in one.

Then, at the end of the day, look at yourself in the mirror and repeat the promise you made and say "I kept my promise to myself, I did ____!"

Good job! Be joyful that you kept your promise. If it was easy, then you can make a little bit bigger one tomorrow. If it was at all a stretch, you can keep the same one all week long.

If you didn't keep the promise, was it because it was too big? Or did you simply forget?

If it was too big, then make the promise smaller.

If you forgot, either make a promise that you can keep right away, or do something that will make it easy to remember--a big note, get help from someone to remind you, tie a string around your finger...whatever it takes.

It is by making and keeping small healthy promises to ourselves that we build trust. Building that trust helps us to feel worthy of good things. Feeling worthy is a start for loving ourselves. As we strengthen one, we strengthen them all...and we are on our way to permanent, healthy, weight loss success!


Jessica said...

Thank you so much for sharing this weight loss idea with all of us.This is really a great advice and it's easy to apply daily in our life.

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Laurie Tossy said...

Thanks Jessica! That is my goal--to make things easy to apply.