Monday, November 9, 2009

Celebrity Weight Loss Week: Inspirational Mo'Nique

This week's theme is celebrity weight loss...successes, inspirations, and thought-provoking. There has been so much in the news lately about this topic...we can definitely learn from all of it!

Comedian Mo'Nique was on both the Oprah Winfrey Show and the Ellen DeGeneres Show last week. She was promoting her new movie, Precious, but another big topic was her recent weight loss success. Seeing the clip from the movie and then her in real life now you couldn't NOT see the difference.

The reason I find Mo'Nique to be a weight loss inspiration is her attitude. She was very happy with her appearance at 262 pounds...she say a "big sex kitten" when she looked in the mirror. Her husband gave her the health wakeup call however. He loved her as she was...and was concerned for her he said to her 262 was too much, adding, "I want you around forever."

She could have gotten pissed off, taken this comment to mean he didn't really love her, or didn't find her attractive...she could have chosen to allow his comment to alter her perception of herself as a big sex kitten. She chose instead to hear the love in his words, and to do something about it. She is still an ample woman...a big and beautiful woman...who is now considerably healthier.

Mo'Nique took some flack from some of her fans...they liked her large. I love that she looks them in the eye (albeit through the camera lens) and asks them if they would like her dead!

We can all take a cue from this weight loss comfortable in our body, no matter our size. See the beauty that we all have in us, and still go for improved health.

Congratulations Mo'Nique. Not only are you a funny woman, now you are a healthy role-model for others...thanks, from the bottom of my healthy heart!

Celebrity Weight Loss Week continues tomorrow...with more lessons we can learn from a "larger-than-life" star!

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