Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Celebrity Weight Loss Week: Kate Winslet Slim With No Gym

So far in our celebrity weight loss week we have seen comedian Mo'Nique drop 40+ pounds and pondered Kirstie Alley's claim she's back on the path.

Kate Winslet to my knowledge has never ballooned to the proportions of either of these stars, but she certainly represents a very common struggle for women today--how do you juggle your life, family, work, and health. And she does it under the Hollywood microscope...where most roles go to young and slender actors, and every bump is photographed and she pregnant, fat, or both?

What stands Kate apart is her adamate claims that she doesn't diet or exercise. In fact, Kate recently sued a tabloid for running stories that claimed she lied about exercising...and Kate won!

For Kate who has long criticized excessive dieting, this is her second win against tabloids. In 2007 a British rag wrote a story that she went to see a diet doctor...

What I love about Kate is that she wants women to accept themselves...Kate is beautiful and shapely. Is is not her natural body at 33 years old, and mother of two, to look like a stick...if it ever was. Sure, some women do...but not her...and I, for one, am glad there are Hollywood starts who look like real people of all shapes and sizes.

Exercising for hours on end is how some stars stay trim...but that isn't realistic for most of us. Who amongst us has the amount of time and money to devote to that. I don't...but then I don't have the desire, either!

That is why it is so refreshing and inspiring to read about a beautiful actress who claims she dosn't workout excessively...and that she would actually sue the tabloids who accuse her of being a liar.

Look, I will never be as delicate as Kate Mo'Nique said on the Ellen Show recently, "I'll never be a little girl...look at this isn't a little head."

What I found so inspiring ist hat we can be OUR best selves and we don't have to slave at the gym or starve ourselves to get there.

Thanks Kate, for being an example that real women with real lives can emulate...and thanks for being YOU.

So, just to be "fair" tomorrow I'll talk about another weight loss success story--someone who chose to exercise a lot to get her results...because it isn't about NOT about empowering you to do what is right for is about your health and your mindset for achieving permanent results.

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