Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Celebrity Weight Loss Week: Kirstie Alley, Another Roller Coaster Ride Ahead?

Continuing the celebrity weight loss week theme, we are coming back to a familiar face--Kirstie Alley. Anyone who has struggled with weight can identify with Kirstie's very public battles. My question is this--has Kirstie put her health at risk by putting her weight loss success on hold? Or will her plan for televised weight loss be a big inspiration and success?

In April, Kirstie Alley was on the Oprah Winfrey Show claiming she had discovered the secret to weight loss success--and that by Novemeber, she would be back on the show wearing a bikini. (She appeared on the show along with Micheal Hebrenko who also famously yo-yo dieted.)

Well, it is November...Kirstie was back and jokingly had a bikini on over her clothes...as it does not appear that her body has changed much, if at all.

She still believes she has the secret to weight loss success--so what gives? She claims that she had proposed a television show to document her weight loss progress and the networks told her to stop losing weight because that's what they would be paying for. Theoretically the deal was signed just the night before her return visit to Oprah's set.

What do you think? Will she succeed? Will she have success at losing weight? At her show? At both?

People love to see inside glimpses of a celebrity's life...and they love to see that they are human, with foibles and weaknesses, just like "real" people. Given that, and the success of other celebrity reality shows, she has a good chance of a show success.

Is her chance of weight loss success as good? Statistically, no. However, being followed around by cameras all the time might do it...although I hear that after a while you get used to them and don't even "see" them...as hard as I find that to believe, I suppose that is possible. If it is, then the cameras themselves won't be much deterrent or encouragement.

Public accountability for some people is huge...and maybe that is what will be the key for Kirstie's success (I truly hope she has success, in case you aren't sure)...but I am concerned. Get your weight loss inspiration however you can...whatever works for you, as long as it is healthy.

I believe Kirstie CAN lose weight...I know we all can. My concern is that she is setting herself up for another roller coaster ride because she is insisting that it be "fast and fun"...from my experience permanent weight loss can be fun...but it isn't necessarily fast...because you have to make permanent changes to achieve permanent results!

I'm also concerned because Kirstie was willing to put her health (and goals) on hold until a network decided they would cover her progress. To me this doesn't bode well. It sounds like the classic, "hey, I'll start tomorrow because today is (fill in the blank.")

Even Oprah seemed skeptical, "you can't lose weight for a network!" Absolutely! We can all be inspired to take control of our lives, to be healthy, and to drop excess fat...for US.

Kirstie waited 7 months for a network. What are you waiting for? What "network" is stopping you from your health and weight loss success? When will you decide that you deserve health, that you CAN have it? Change your mindset--it is the first step to permanent health and weight loss success!

Check in tomorrow when another beautiful star speaks out against diet and exercise...

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