Monday, May 4, 2009

1000lb Yo-Yo Diet

On the Oprah show last week Kirstie Alley was on discussing her "falling off the wagon" and regaining the weight she had so publicly lost a few years ago.

Also on the show was a store about a gentleman named Michael Hebranko from NY who had lost almost 1000lbs (yes, that is 3 zeroes!) and then regained all of that weight and more.

For our health--physical, mental, emotional--we all deserve to stop the yo-yo dieting syndrome.

We've all been on that roller coaster...up 10, down 15, up is not a battle you can win by dieting.

The way we win is by changing our mind...changing our thinking about ourselves, our bodies and food.

By changing our thinking we set ourselves free. That is when we truly can eat what we want--in part because what we want changes!!!

Stop the yo-yo dieting...

Read more about Michael's story

My personal yo-yo story is not quite so dramatic...but I yo-yo'd starting with 20lbs up and down, then 60lbs up and down.

That is why I know from personal experience that THIS time...with my mind in the right place and my slower and steady progress...proving to myself that I am truly changing on the INSIDE, which then leads to changes on the outside...THIS time I will succeed and be healthy for the rest of my life!

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