Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Picture Yourself Thin

Most of us have had lots of practice picturing ourselves as being fat.

Whether or not these pictures were accurate when we first developed them...these images have been burned into our subconscious.

Until we destroy these images...these "negatives"...we are doomed to live up to them.

I remember, even as a young child, believing I was fat. I didn't like having my picture taken because I thought I was so fat and ugly--I recall more than once saying taking my picture would "break the camera".

Now there aren't many pictures of me...people gave up fighting me about taking my picture. But the pictures that I do find, I find something quite curious. In fact, in all objectivity, I was not fat. I was not SKINNY...but I was not fat. I was a very healthy looking person...and I was not ugly, either.

But the power of my thinking and the images I held in my mind was so strong that I grew into being an extremely fat adult...fat enough that I would be ugly to most people. And if someone found me attractive I just got fatter to, subconsciously, "prove" how ugly I really was.

One of the key steps I had to take to successfully lose weight--and keep it off--was to change those mental pictures of myself.

What are the pictures you are holding on to? Are they accurate? Do you want to keep that picture in your brain's photo album? Or would you like to create a new set of images that you can enjoy...for the rest of your life...starting today?

Claude Bristol wrote in TNT The Power Within You
The pictures you hold of yourself in mind today have only to do with your past. If you don't take charge and create new pictures of yourself, you will only repeat tomorrow what you have done today and yesterday.

He wrote this in 1954 and it was true long before then and will remain true forever.

You have the power...in fact, you are the only one who has the power...to change those pictures in your mind.

Develop a new set of prints, get rid of the old ones, and live into your new pictures!

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