Sunday, May 10, 2009

Improve Your Body Image Step 1: Set Reasonable Goals

My thanks to my friend Jennifer Walker-Shannon for introducing me to Catherine Cardinal Ph.D. Dr. Cardinal has been a psychologist in private practice for 23 years. She has been a featured expert on many national TV shows, and is the best-selling author of A Cure for the Common Life: The Cardinal Rules of Self Esteem.

I was very interested to see how many of her ideas are so in line with my my personal observations are supported by her education.

The next few days I will post some excerpts from an article she wrote titled: 7 Things You Can Do to Improve Your Body Image & Self Esteem

1: Set Reasonable Goals

Learn to set reasonable goals. Whether it’s about your exercise routine or diet, don’t set the bar too high or you may find yourself resisting and then failing. Remember that a healthy, balanced life is a journey of steps. Give yourself permission to win by keeping a steady workable pace.

Isn't that terrific advice?! So many people set huge goals...I used to do that with my weight and I always failed--it seemed so unattainable...or I would not give myself credit for what I had accomplished because I was focused on the end result. Once I gave up that, started by loving myself where I was and working on improving my health step by step, I was then able to drop 120lbs!

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