Friday, May 22, 2009

Stevia update from Dr Linda

My friend and health coach, Dr. Linda Larson published a very interesting post about stevia in her blog this week.

I love using gives sweetness without calories and is all natural...but she taught me something to look out for that I hadn't realized.

Be sure to read Dr. Linda's blog--Wellness Tips From Dr. Linda-- she is one of the most brilliant people I know...and a great person...very giving...her desire for us to all be our healthiest is so genuine. She has really helped me on my journey!


BRAGD said...

Happy to learn that you are sold on Stevia. In what form did you use it? Was it powder, tablet or liquid? Which form would you prefer and what was the price you paid for? Will you sell this item to your acquaintances, if you are going to earn some money by doing so. How much can you sell? I await your positive response. My contact ID is:

Laurie Tossy said...

Hi Bragd!
I use the powder form of Stevia...but either the liquid or powder works well.
I personally don't sell Stevia...I just buy it at the health food store. You might contact my friend, Dr. Linda Larson with your question about selling Stevia...perhaps she would have a resource for you.
go to
Good luck!