Friday, May 1, 2009

Local Church Uncover Hidden Gem

I drove by a nearby church the other day on the way to a meeting. I noticed there were giving the old girl a facelift. Seems like I've been seeing that a lot lately. I love that people care enough to preserve these beautiful old buildings where are really works of art.

It got me thinking about how we are similar to these buildings. No, I don’t mean that we are old…while we are certainly getting older—that’s inevitable. The similarity is that many of us don’t take care of our bodies and so we fall into disrepair and in need of a major overhaul. More than a simple paint job—or a makeover—we might need a full restoration. We have become ill, depressed, developed habits that have damaged our bodies and spirit, our body parts literally wear out and we grow fat.

When we decide to change—to eat healthy foods, to care for our bodies and our minds—this is our version of a major restoration project. We deserve to look at it in this way, as a long term commitment.

The church announced today that during this restoration process they discovered a beautiful stained glass window. Possibly covered in 1914 when a pipe organ was installed…hiding the window…and with no records that the window was even there, it remained hidden until now. The theory is the window was covered to block sunlight and heat which would have come in through the window, possibly damaging the organ.

During our personal restoration process we will uncover surprises about ourselves. Often we will discover the reason we do or believe something is because it served us at one point. Now it no longer serves us, but it has become a habit and we have even forgotten why we started this habit in the first place. This is our opportunity to uncover our own stained glass windows, to take off the wooden boards of our habits and reveal the full beauty of who we are—and let that light shine through!

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