Friday, May 8, 2009

Weight Loss Success Demands You Set Your Own Pace

It is important that you set your own pace when working on weight loss—or any other kind of self-improvement for that matter!

Don’t try to keep up with someone who is further along the path than you are. This person may be in a different condition than you which allows them to seem to be more advanced.

Whether we are talking about physical condition or mental or emotional it really is the same. We are all at different levels. We have different skills now, different aptitudes and different interests.

Let people who seem to be better at something inspire you. You don’t have to match them step for step. It is great to have people who are ahead of you—it gives you the proof that you can do it, too! These are our role-models…people who are where we aspire to be.

The great news about not having to match our role-models is that it allows us to be inspired by more people. These folks may be bigger or smaller than we are currently. They may be more active, or less active. They may think positively or not. Some will have several traits we admire while others may only have one thing that we want to mirror. And some will serve us by pointing out a quality we no longer wish to have and so we more clearly see what we do want.

When you find that person (or that thing in that person) who inspires you, write it down in a special place. I suggest a gratitude journal. Fill that journal with lots of small entries. You don’t have to write reams about each thing/person/trait. Just write it down and feel the gratitude for being shown that it is possible.

Review this journal periodically and you will be amazed to see how much you have grown to be a composite of all those wonderful traits that you admired in others.

Now that is something to write about!

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