Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Summer BBQs and Picnic Challenges Begin

To all my fellow Americans--I hope you had a glorious Memorial Day weekend and spent it with family, friends. For those of you outside the USA, Memorial Day is a day for us to remember our countrymen and women who have died to let us be free.

In addition to remembering these heroes, Memorial Day weekend is traditionally the beginning of summer and we tend to have barbecues and picnics.

Wondering how you all did with this first (of many to come) celebration.

Here we had rain--downpours actually--for most of the weekend so my grilling plans had to be put on hold! Oh well!

I enjoyed some popcorn and a movie...one of my favorite treats! I am so pleased with the way my mind is happy with less quantity than it used to demand...and how my cravings are gone.

Whether you are grilling or picnic-ing, remember to keep your mind focused on your successes and the possibility for a healthy life. Enjoy the people you are with. Have a small bite of everything you want...and then if you still want more, go ahead...just be conscious about your choices.

Being conscious about what you are putting in your mouth is one step--but don't beat yourself up if you eat more than you "should"...that is why starting with your mindset and loving yourself is even more important than what (or how much) you put in your mouth!

You are perfect--just the way you are! And you are getting better and healthier every single day!

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