Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Are You Exercising Your Won't Power?

Frequently we hear that successful weight loss (or anything else for that matter) is about using "Will Power"...I'm not sure will power is the phrase I would use...but what I do know is that often when we struggle it is because we are using "Won't Power"!!!

It can be easy to slip into the negative...but if you find the only thing you are consistently exercising is your Won't Power then you will have guaranteed results--and they Won't be the ones you SAY you want.

What do I mean by Won't Power? That is when you say to yourself things like
I can't lose weight
It is easy for them, but not for me
I am a fat slob
That doesn't work
I tried it before without success

Remember, only you can change your thinking...and you can only hold one thought at a time. Do you want the thought to be negative? Or would you rather be holding onto the positive thought? The choice is entirely yours!

You have got to believe that it IS possible...that you CAN do it...that you DO deserve a healthy life. That is the true Will Power! With this attitude...practiced WILL succeed!

"Change your thinking and you will change your life"...Don't go back and forth...make a decision to move forward in health and do it! That doesn't mean you have to be just means you make the steps as best you can every day and keep moving forward!

Stop exercising your Won't Power...instead put positive thoughts and actions to work for you! I know you can do it. I have faith in you. Repeat after me: I Can! I Will! I am Doing It!

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