Monday, May 11, 2009

Improve Your Body Image Step 2: Find Your Beauty

Second in a series from an article by Catherine Cardinal, Ph.D. on improving your body image and self-esteem.

I'm pleased to share here thoughts with you...I found that we have a lot of common ideas. I learned from personal experience a lot of what she is advocating and have been able to use it to change my health dramatically!

Dr. Cardinal has been a psychotherapist in private practice for 23 years. She has been a featured expert on many national TV shows, and is the best-selling author of A Cure for the Common Life: The Cardinal Rules of Self Esteem.

2. Single out what is beautiful about you. Perhaps you love your eyes, or your legs, but are unhappy with other parts. Keep your focus on those parts that work for you and know that everyone has parts they love and parts they wish they could change. Look into a mirror and focus on the good stuff.

What part of your body can you focus on? For me I had to start with my was what other people would comment on. So even if you don't think you are beautiful, can you find something that other people have complimented you on? Start there...even if you don't LOVE it, if you don't LOATHE it, it is a starting point! The idea is to stop focusing on the love handles or thunder thighs and start focusing on positive images!

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catherinecarey said...

Hi Laurie,

'Love some part of your body' is fabulous!

I have a pat answer when folks, well especially my lesbian friends, ask, *Why do you wear skirts so much?* My reply is, *I'm working my assets!*

Try it. Give lots of attention to the parts of yourself you like the most. You'll get a lift.


Laurie Tossy said...

You crack me up!

Definitely work you "assets"! I also vote for being comfortable in your own skin--so if you like skirts go for it! Me, I'll stick to pants!